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Just when I think I'm getting stuck in road construction on the way home and a man lumbers across the road EATING SOMEONE'S ARM!!!!

I grabbed my cell to dial 911 just in time to hear what was going on via NPR!


Nothing like listening to Robert Stegle and Michelle Block going on and on about the social ramifications of Zombies. So, I switched over to the local Country station Frgy98 to get some local news. Seems someone set up a Zombie shoot and they were giving away tickets to Delgrosso's Water Park for the person who got the most.

I called my mom and they had just had heard as well and were just about to call me. Things seemed pretty quiet and it was desided that VBS would go on as planned. Most everyone was there, except a few who called to let that Pastor know they couldn't come because of roads being close/power out/just craziness. We did see some weirdos, but they seemed to be more interested in raiding the cookie table than paying much attention to us.

Evening has been quiet since then. The reports are all over the news and internet, but things are thankfully quiet here. One good thing about living way out in the country.

Everything is pretty buttoned down now and we've all got guns and ammo close at hand. I've already got my battle ax down off the wall and my good Katana out just for good measure. Dad went to get my grandmother and Pastor and his wife are over and we're settling for the night. Dad checked over the generator just in case and the fellow who works for Dad and his family are supposed to be over before much longer.

Hope everyone else is doing as well. [profile] lordmathem hadn't seen anything when I talked to him and I still need to touch base with [profile] alliesingsand [profile] rowanrhys.

Just have to sit tight and pray hard and let this run it's course.

For those who don't know what's going on, check here:


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