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[Error: unknown template qotd] both plagues on the living and mysteries ot the dead.

(think CSI and The Burning Zone meet Star Wars)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, the orginal name on my LJ was MikaSteeleLell. It was a Character Journal for the RP Group I was in at that time. I was playing a very screwed up Sith Chick, named Mikala Volaris-Steele-Lell.  She eventually got straightened out married to a Jedi and they had kids, but that was even more convoluted. :-)

As time went on, I started to used the journal as myself and it evolved into a personal LJ.

Then last year for my birthday, Alliesings and her hubby got me a renaming token for my account and I went to OXBastetXO, which has been my fandom name since...ohhh...I think 1998! :-)

OXBastetXO comes from trying to come up with a name to post my SG-1 stories under. I went through Encyclopedia Mythica looking at the Egyptian gods and ended up in the Bs because my real nickname starts with B. Bastet was the cat goddess and I like cats, so I chose that. Bastet is the nontraditional spelling of Bast so, I chose that. At that point, I didn't know they were going to use Bastet on SG-1 until Melozzi told me (personally *giggles*) that "You'll be seeing her soon," pointing at my name tag. Bastet had already been used on AOL and I don't like numbers so I tacked the OX XO on the end. The OX XO are not hugs and kisses, they are as close to hyroglyphes as I could get on a keyboard. I've been OXBastetXO ever since. There are two other Bastets I know of, but I'm me. :-)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I was at work at my old job. I was up on 3rd floor of the Nursing Home doing resident menues. I was going between rooms trying to find people and one of the nursing told me a small airplane had run into the one World Trade Center building. She said that either air traffic control had messed up or the pilot was drunk. This was the first news reports that had come out. Then the second plane hit. I was on second floor when the plane hit the Pentagon and reports started in about car bombs outside the Capital. I had a friend at that time who took the Metro under the Pentagon to work. I also had another friend (Yum@) who lived just off Central Park and worked in the City at a Bank. I tried to call a third friend from my cell to get her to check and see if both were okay, but cell phones were done in my area because of the traffic on them. I got permission from my boss to call out on the land line to her and she was to call me at work when she found out.

My office was the only office in Dietary that had a radio that could get a signal in our part of the building and so it became news central all day. All the radio stations were running all news and nothing else. The local country station was one of the few stations I could get in there and it was just news. It ran all day while I worked and by about 2pm, I couldn't take it any more and I checked with my boss and then just put a CD in.

Minwhile, the friend I had called called me with news that both Yum@ and the other friend were okay and safe.

I got home and FoxNews was on for the rest of the day at home.

For months afterward, I had nightmares about Ben Laden.

One week to the day after 9/11. The friend from DC and I went to Gatecon. It was a somber trip, but one we both needed.

I still can't really watch things about 9/11 without those panicked feelings coming up of wondering if my friends were alive and safe.

I still am friends with Yum@, but due to her physical condition (she's disabled now due to a hemerage on the brain a couple years ago) we don't keep in contact as we once did, but I'm not friends with the other people, their choice. It's sad. I am sorely disappointed in the friend from DC. I still don't know her reasoning for not being a friend, but it's her choice and I just leave her be because of it. If she wants to get in contact with me. I've never left and am on the same email and IM I always have been. Her choice.
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