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[Error: unknown template qotd]Well, the orginal name on my LJ was MikaSteeleLell. It was a Character Journal for the RP Group I was in at that time. I was playing a very screwed up Sith Chick, named Mikala Volaris-Steele-Lell.  She eventually got straightened out married to a Jedi and they had kids, but that was even more convoluted. :-)

As time went on, I started to used the journal as myself and it evolved into a personal LJ.

Then last year for my birthday, Alliesings and her hubby got me a renaming token for my account and I went to OXBastetXO, which has been my fandom name since...ohhh...I think 1998! :-)

OXBastetXO comes from trying to come up with a name to post my SG-1 stories under. I went through Encyclopedia Mythica looking at the Egyptian gods and ended up in the Bs because my real nickname starts with B. Bastet was the cat goddess and I like cats, so I chose that. Bastet is the nontraditional spelling of Bast so, I chose that. At that point, I didn't know they were going to use Bastet on SG-1 until Melozzi told me (personally *giggles*) that "You'll be seeing her soon," pointing at my name tag. Bastet had already been used on AOL and I don't like numbers so I tacked the OX XO on the end. The OX XO are not hugs and kisses, they are as close to hyroglyphes as I could get on a keyboard. I've been OXBastetXO ever since. There are two other Bastets I know of, but I'm me. :-)


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