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Snicked from [livejournal.com profile] sgflutegirl 
Total Tracks: 807
Total Length of Music: 2.2 days

Sort by song title:
First: Across the Sands of Time - Diane Arkenstone
Last: 9 Crimes - Damian Rice

Sort by time:
Shortest: Intro- House of Heroes :33
Longest: The River and the Sun - Diane Arkenstone 14:47

Sort by artist:
First: Becoming George - Abel Korzeniowski
Last: Follow me down (feat. Neon Hitch) - 30H!3

Top 10 Most Played Songs: (What the heck? I get Gary Stadler being there, but "O Death"??? I can count on 1 hand how many times I've listened t)
1. O Death - Jen Titus
2. Garden Lullaby - Gary Stadler
3. Piano Lullaby (new) - Gary Stadler
4. Winged Ones - Gary Stadler
5. Echo - Gary Stadler
6. Deenaby - Gary Stadler
7.Spinneee - Gary Stadler
8. Lullaby - Gary Stadler
9. Elphame - Gary Stadler
10. Whispers - Gary Stadler

First ten songs that come up on shuffle:
1. If You Want Me  - Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova
2. Pod twoim oknem - Maciej Malenczuk
3. Lies 0 The Pierces
4. Lontario - MusicAEnchiriadis
5. Great Divide - The Cardigans
6. White Butterfly - Daniel Donadi
7. I'm Still Here - Johnny Rziznik
8. Maybe - Ingrid Michaelson
9. Body Retreat - Healing Garden
10. Selisona - E.S. Postumus

How many songs come up when you search for:
- sex: 1
- love: 34
- you: 109
- death: 4
- hate: 0
- wish: 13
- monkey: 2

Surprised Leaves Eyes and House of Heroes didn't make an apparenance considering I listen to them the most!
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