Jun. 25th, 2011

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Been the week of doom. Things finally came to a head with TheSanctuary_RP and I resigned. Not been overly surprised that not really anyone, beyond the group of friends that I have been and will continue to RP with said anything. I was expressed how unhappy and hurt I was about how some things went down, I was basically told that my opinion didn't matter and was given a list of excuses for the players involved. *sigh* No question on how it could be worked out or question as to how they could help. Just everyone has an excuse for being rude. *deep sigh*

Anywho, I've had some wonderful friends who have been so utterly supportive I feel so loved. ((((Huggles))))) Thank you so much guys!

Tuesday, coworker of doom YELLED at me in front of coworkers and residents alike, Oh so lovely and professional. Then on friday, she yelled at me in front of coworkes children I was watching as part of "Bring your child to work day". Again, oh so lovely and professional. I need to write up the two most recent incidents and give my boss a copy of my documentation and have him sign my copy that he received it. This is---so utterly frustrating. I was so upset that once I got away from her on Friday and with a coworker I could talk with I broke down and cried. I was shaking like crazy. It was just so utterly miserable. I'm tired of this crap. I get she doesn't like me, but she is totally out of line running her mouth about me in front of residents and staff alike! 

I've been off today and just relaxing and working on getting things ready for VBS at Church starting Monday night. I'm the craft lady.

We're doing VBS different this year. We're doing it in stations. I will be doing crafts with all age groups...Age 2 to senior high!!!

We'll see how it all goes.


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