Feb. 10th, 2011

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I've been going to do this since the first of the year. This is a small Sanctuary RP group that's looking to getting going again.

[livejournal.com profile] sanctuary_net 

This is a text-based RPG set in the world of the web-series and t.v. show Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary Network was a network of safe havens for Abnormals that was founded by Gregory and Helen Magnus in order to protect the mysterious creatures of the world from the Cabal and other human threats.

There are a number of local branches, including London, Tokyo, New Delhi, Beijing, Moscow, with the headquarters in Old City.

This RPG is set sometime in the late first season or early second season. Play takes place here in the comm, on the character's journals, and most any other mutually agreeable place(such as IM or email). All threads/plots will eventually be linked to here in the comm.

Taken Characters:

Nikola Tesla
Ashley Magnus
Will Zimmerman
James Watson

Open Characters: EVERYONE ELSE!

The site still lists Helen as taken, but she is open.

This is basically going to be a reboot of this group.  The starting thread is about a bug infestation in the Sanctuary. It could get...interesting!

Mods: Please remove if not allowed.


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